Rental Readiness and Home Staging

Maximise the value and return on your rental property or stage your home in the best way possible to help get the best price possible for sale.

Rental Readiness

Many landlords have the same concern – where to find a reliable, affordable, knowledgeable business to prepare or update a property for first time rental or a new tenant?

EWF Interiors has the knowledge, experience and trades contacts to get a property rental ready in a timely and professional fashion – whether you are preparing to rent your property for the first time, need a refresh between tenants – we can cover all aspects for you, even liaising with letting agents if you don’t live in or around the area where your property is located.

Canongate lights

We can go into your property and identify areas needing attention to get your property up to a great standard:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Decluttering
  • Painting and decorating
  • Repairs
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Gardening and external cleaning

With our combined experience of leasing and managing our own properties, we can also support you with advice on not only what you need to have in or done in a property to reach current regulations, but also what you should be looking at doing.

We believe that doing the job right once, rather than placing a plaster over the problem areas is a much more economical way to prepare your property.  It is tempting to throw a coat of paint over an unprepared surface to make it look good temporarily, but in the long run, it will cost much more money and aggravation.

By giving tenants a sense of pride and comfort in the environment in which they live will lend to giving the mindset of wanting to take care of the property.  Peeling paint, greasy kitchen light fittings and dirty cushions are things that can be easily fixed and mean you will maximise on your property investment – tenants will be more than happy to pay a higher than average rent for a higher quality of accommodation.

Home Staging

First impressions count when it comes to viewing a property.  We can create a welcoming home that appeals to your buyer, maximising on its value.  Our service is bespoke to meet your needs and can enhance your property’s value for a surprisingly modest cost.

We will look at every aspect of the property, inside and out – with our objective being to spend the minimal amount of money to achieve maximum impact.  We identify areas that might hinder sale and focus on the best features to give your home the best chance possible to sell for the best price possible.

Home Staging can include simple tasks such as decluttering to ‘depersonalise’ your home, repositioning and moving furniture, adding some simple accessories, updating or changing soft furnishings.  This isn’t about spending a fortune on high end designer products and creating a bespoke interior, it is about making dramatic changes which don’t cost the earth to make your home look its very best.

The process and our approach is flexible and we will work to your requirements and budget – we can assist and advise you on what we recommend happens, or remove the strain and do the whole thing for you.

We offer three types of Home Staging services and would have an initial Home Staging appointment with you to identify the most appropriate of these services for you and provide you with an individual price whether this is for a report and plan or full staging, sourcing and presentation

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